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We’re here to make sure that you and your family story doesn’t fade away untold and uncaptured. Our aim is to safely store your memories for generations to come. Allow us to help you in making that enduring impact.

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How Our Family Album Works?

It’s your own interactive family tree and collaborative storytelling platform, where you capture and share the moments from your life (or others in your family) and choose who gets to see them. So that your life can be remembered for generations ahead in the form of your historical records.

Build Your Family Tree.

Send an invite family members by using their email or mobile number. Once they sign up, they will automatically be added to your digital family tree depending on your relationship to each other.

Capture, Timestamp & Share

Record and tag your story to a Life Category—include the location and date it occurred so it appears on your Family Album Maker app’s timeline.

Your Family's Global Footprint

View all the recordings from your family connections that are tagged to a particular location on the Interactive World Map. See how your family history has traveled the world.

You'll experience moments that people will care about.. just make sure you leave a way for them to hear it

what's important.

Listen to their stories, in their own words

Hearing your family members telling their stories and life lessons has a much more lasting impact than family time albums, and makes you feel closer connected to those who matter.

Save Your Family Treasure

Pass down your secret recipe, a life learning, or a long-celebrated tradition that your family has followed for generations, and share only with the ones you want to see or hear them.

A Structured Perspective on the Essentials

Capture only your most significant moments in the family album movie, and our timeline will structure it in the order they occurred—because you may not want people to see your entire iCloud or Google Photos album.

Capture Your Family Story Before It's Too Late

LifeTime’s in-built voice recorder allows you to record your family member sharing their stories, experiences, ad life lessons, so their voice can echo for generations to come.

The Key Features.

Auto-tagging using AI

Our integrated Al in family photo album app will automatically tag the location and time that the event occurred based on what’s being said during the recording.

Family Tree Multiview

Use the toggle to view your family relationships in either a visual family tree or in a list view.

Autogenerated Timeline

Your timeline will automatically update when a new Life Event is added and populate with the associated media in the order they occurred.

The Family Echo

See the latest activity from your family picture album all in one place. Review any recordings you may have been tagged in.

Question Prompts

Our expert team has curated a list of questions you can ask your family member(s) to capture the best aspects of the family story. Use LifeTimes Al to generate personalized questions in real-time as the story is being recorded.

Flexible Privacy

Set your media to be seen only by the connections you desire with our 4 privacy setting options: 

  • All Connections
  • Full Family
  • Extended Family
  • Immediate Family only

The family.

Who We Are.

LifeTimes is a digital family tree maker and multimedia platform that lets you create a personal profile of the memories and messages that you want to live on for family members and future generations to see.

This way, you can share the moments and experiences that you want to be remembered by and to the ones that matter most. You’ll also be able to upload media on behalf of other family members.

Why We Created This.

The memories and experiences of our previous generations can be an incredible reminder of our family history, origins, and how our culture has evolved over time. They can also be valuable in helping us to better understand ourselves, shaping our identity and forming the basis for the values and beliefs we hold today.

LifeTimes allows these moments to exist all in one place, and in the order they happened, so that your family can feel personally connected to you when you’re not around to tell the stories yourself.

Our Vision.

We live in a world inundated with digital content, from capturing irreplaceable memories through photographs and videos, to sending heartfelt voice-notes about life changing events. As time passes and we move through generations, being able to preserve these is the key to preventing them from fading forever.

We’re here to transform the way you curate and share your historical record and bridge the gap between the past and the future.


For any questions not answered below, you can reach out to

The platform has a team of developers currently working to bring this to life. Our focus is to ensure the family tree visualization capabilities, animate your family photos, upload features, and privacy controls are up to the standard we promise, which requires a high level of development expertise. The planned launch for Early Adopters is scheduled for late July or early August 2024. You will be given more details on the target launch date closer to the time.

As an Early Adopter, you will be given 24 months of FREE access to the Family Admin plan. This is the highest tier, which allows you to control all aspects of your family tree, including adding and deleting family photo albums, connections, and multimedia within their profile.

Yes, you will have the option to invite whoever you choose via the ‘Send Invite’ function and entering in their email. When they sign-up, they will be prompted to enter how they are related to you. This will then add them to your family tree and open your profile to them depending on the privacy setting you have applied.

Pricing will be based on a subscription to storage space. Depending on the Tier package chosen, users may be able to share their storage space with other connections.

Every connection will be able to view a basic version of your profile containing a profile picture, date of birth, how you are related, and an optional short bio.


There will be 3 settings you can apply to your profile:
All Connections: Any family members or friends you are connected with will be able to view your profile and tag you in media.
Friends & Relatives: Anyone you are directly related to (e.g., a cousin, uncle, or grandma, but not their spouses) can view and tag you.
Immediate Family Only: Only your immediate lineage, i.e., grandparents to grandkids and further beyond, can view your media and tag you.


Note: The ‘Family Admin’ can add or remove connections and media from any family members they are connected to.

In later versions, you will be able to control the privacy settings for individual media items – providing you with more customisation for who is able to see what elements of your profile.

While we aim to make LifeTimes your go-to platform for storing your most important and valuable multimedia of life events and meaningful memories in the safest way possible, we understand you may change your mind.
Once your subscribed period has ended, you will be able to delete your profile. Any media you have uploaded will then be removed, and you will be untagged from any other media associated with you.

Note – if you are the Family Admin, you will need to provide Family Admin rights to another family member before deleting your profile.

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